onsdag 19 juni 2013

Daniel Norgren - Everlasting Friend

last week we made this music-video with Daniel
simple and just beautiful 


I made some new friends in paper..
some day in the future they will dance to music
but now we are going to germany for five days
so it will have to wait..

söndag 16 juni 2013

Now this

Now: walking in nature & creating things....
listening to this
watching this

söndag 9 juni 2013


Its finally Summer in Sweden!
it means long bright days, sun, nature,long walks and barefoot feet.

We celebrated the 6th of June (the swedish national day)
with friends, drinking, shooting (only with a air-rifle though)
walking, talking, eating and fishing.

onsdag 5 juni 2013

29/5 Beaches Brew , Marina di Ravenna, Italy

28-29 /5 Italy

We had two nights off and i had found a cheap (!) 
luxury hotel named Hotel Villa Panazza

The hotel was almost unreal, 
it looked like a big big mansion, 
it had a pool, to-good drinks, a park with birds, 
a peacock (!) walking in the garden

in the very small village called Mordano i found a place that sold homemade popsicles
what a dream

And finally sun! 
off course we got sunburned almost immediately.. 
this was our compensation for all the other days with bad weather

27/5 on the way to Italy

We had some days off before the gig in Italy
one of these days we spend in the car, 12 h,
driving through the Alps and its snowy mountains 
every picture looks like a postcard
almost unreal..