torsdag 30 augusti 2012


Winner: Barr Tiger

And the winner is:
the Barr Tiger!
(but with a small change of appearance.)
The tiger is one of my personal favorites and he also got the most votes
i have not decided if i will make postcards or a small poster 
out of it yet,
time will tell.

söndag 26 augusti 2012

help needed

I need some help to decide which one of these images i will transform
 into a postcard 
or maybe even a poster
and sell in my Barr shop

so i now turn to you readers ( if there are any..)
to decide wich one, 
if you have a favorite please give it your vote.

1. buzz

2. kaktus sunset

3. red hat lips

4. hello lama

5. barr tiger

6. red lips bear

the imagination plants

Collection: Safety Matches

last year I bought a collection of prints made for safety matches. 
Many of the illustrations contains animals and i find them
very beautiful and inspiring.
my favorite one is the tiger at the top.

onsdag 22 augusti 2012

Clown & Cowboy

my scanner is working again, hurray!
 and the studio is in order after a long day of cleaning it.
its been hanging over me the whole summer 
so its a true victory! 

måndag 20 augusti 2012


electric clouds

There´s dark and dangerous clouds hanging over our roof in Rude, 
they make electric and loud noises, and they have my full respect.

This weekend we made the last trip to Norway for this summer.
and it was a good end i must say,
filled with adventures and fun times.
thank you Norway for this summer, 
you sure are a beautiful country!

onsdag 15 augusti 2012

luckyboysunday knits

These fantastic and playful knitted toys and pillows are designed by these two danish textile-designers, their names are Camilla and Camilla and their company is called Luckyboysunday 
its these kind of things that gives me hope for the textile-design future, that it doesn't have to be boring.
it can be playful and poetic! 

måndag 6 augusti 2012


I´m home again and thinking about the future, making small and big plans.
I have decided to put the school away for some time now,
the inspiration was gone last term and i just felt very misplaced..
I need to find the glow again, and maybe its not in Textile design.

I´m thinking about starting a small web shop were i can get out some of my work.
would that be of any interest for anyone? 
Starting with putting my work on postcards and posters and then expand if that works out good.
Its a start.

onsdag 1 augusti 2012

a house of pastel in Norway

We were lucky to stay at this house last time we were in Norway.
it must be the most beautiful hotel i have slept in,
and the fact that we got the wedding suite doesn't make it worse.