tisdag 30 augusti 2011

Miroslav Tichý

i just found this photographer via this blog
he uses homemade cameras when he takes his photos of women.

the three corners

Family # 2

the first photo is of my mother Lisbeth (to the left) and her sister Ingela. the second one is of my grandmother Brittmarie on a restaurant in the sexties and tha last image is of my aut Ingela on the knee of her great-grandmother,one of the picture hanging on the wall behind them now hangs on the wall in our bedroom, its funny how things travel...


poetic pictures of the finnish landscape in the Book: Finlandia by Reino Kalliola


sometimes things are just beautiful, like this book i have about "Hopdragssömmar"

dark pieces

i have seen many programs about the universe lately, it´s amazing and frightening at the same time...

Erik Kessels

He is a dutch artist that among other things collects found images and put´s them toghether in new ways, in that way he is giving them new purpuse. Its intressting how images can be seen in a new way if uou just take it out of its context. Today we are feed everyday with images everywhere, without really stop and look what the really show, I a documentary about Kessels and it was really intresting, it made me think about and reflect over how i see images my self.
you can find his books here i would like my self to have the box of "almost in every picture"- vol 1-5
and homepage here

söndag 28 augusti 2011

Application patterns

As i was cleaning my studio today (again) i found these " patterns" that i made on the application day for school more than a year ago, The task was to paint a fruit according to diffrent tasks and to make a small collection patterns. At the time i had never in my life done a pattern and didn´t know how to do, but i kind of like how it came out. my fruit of choice was a Dragonfruit, a pink (suprice!) ang green fruit with white flesh inside and small black seeds. its not a good tasting fruit but it sure is satisfying for the eye.

So tomorrow its schoolstart and a new year filled with hard work and ups and downs, second year and i wonder how the first class students fel toningt, maybe a little nervous, i know i was a year ago. But we will do our best to make them feel welcome =) and its gonna be alot of fun seeing the classmates again!

lördag 27 augusti 2011


putting pieces together...

i woke up with thunder outside the window this morning, i dont like thunderstorms and it would not seem to end so I stayed inside the whole day, im trying to clean my studio but it takes time , everytime i start to poke about in some pile of papers i find things to make into little illustrations or collages, like these, so i´ll continue cleaning tomorrow..and on monday school starts again.

old japanese prints

these old japanese woodenprints i have a whole book about, i find the coulors and patterns inspiring

torsdag 25 augusti 2011